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Title : Temporary Roster for Administration - Support profiles
Description : Please be advised that Bioversity International will only contact those applicants to whom it may be able to offer a temporary position. The applications will be retained by the Organization for a maximum of 12 months.
Process Status :
Position Description :
Job Description : The principal function of Bioversity's Support staff is to undertake financial, administrative, technical or general support services within the Organization.
Minimum Qualification & Experience :
Skills & abilities : Depending on the nature and complexity of the tasks performed, the work of some positions requires completion of secondary schooling plus relevant specialized training, whereas the work of other positions requires expertise in a relevant discipline.
Personal Qualities :
Terms & Conditions : Bioversity International employs temporary staff, particularly in administrative and support positions, to assist with specific tasks for periods ranging from a few days up to a maximum of 11 months.
Applications : If you are interested in having your CV in Bioversity's Temporary Roster for Administration - Support profiles, please apply here.

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